Simmered shitake (shitake no nishime)

Published: October/12/2020

Simmered shitake (shitake no nishime)

Simmered shitake (shitake no nishime) is a typical Japanese home cooking that reminds me grandma. It is a simple dish made by simmer soup stock, soy sauce, sake and vegetables until the soup is evaporates. This recipe will show you how to make simmered shiitake (shiitake no nishime) simmered shitake (shitake no nishime) can also be used as ingredients for sushi such as Chirashi Zushi.

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Serves: 2

Ingredients for Simmered shitake (shitake no nishime)

  • Dried shiitake ・・・5
  • Shiitake soup stock ・・・200ml
  • Soy source ・・・2 table spoon
  • Sake・・・2 table spoon
  • Brown suger ・・・1 table spoon
  • Mirin・・・3 table spoon
Simmered shitake (shitake no nishime)

1. Reconstitute dried shiitake

The dried shiitake can be reconstituted by adding water.

1. Cut off the stem of shiitake

Cut off the stem of shiitake

2. Simmer the shiitake

Simmer the shiitake

Add all the prepared seasonings to the shiitake soup stock and mix.

Add the reconstituted dried shiitake to the shiitake soup stock and heat over medium heat.

Remove the lye

Remove the lye when it comes out.

Simmered shitake (shitake no nishime)

After removing the lye, cover and simmer the shiitake for 15 minutes on low heat. Sometimes check the amount of the soup.

cover and simmer the shiitake

After simmer the shiitake

Simmer shiitake on low heat for 15 minutes and turn off the heat when the soup is low.

When the shiitake have cooled, move them to a container and store them in the fridge. This shiitake can be stored in the fridge for 4,5 days.